48 Hours in Singapore

Prepare to be surprised with Singapore

Singapore may be packed with tons of skyscrapers, countless pools and malls, and the traffic can be crazy

as well but, surprisingly, the city still has a lot of green spaces to escape from this overwhelming first impression.

If you don’t mind the humid atmosphere and the oppressive heat, we highly recommend you to get lost and go for a walk in some of the gardens around there. Just don’t forget the two essential items: sunscreen and water! In fact, it’s super easy to get around the city due to its small size.

Don’t get fooled by its modern appearance: there’s a reason why Singapore is known as “The Little Red Dot”! Just grab a map and explore the surroundings and in case of an emergency (in the worst-case scenario) if you need to grab a taxi instead, stay cool. They won’t get you broke, it’s not that expensive since the rides are relatively short. Furthermore, you will be glad to hear that is pretty easy to communicate with locals. Well… we said pretty easy, so don’t get too excited since you still have to be able to understand their Singlish accent!

Long walks should be rewarded by good food

Another reason to visit this city is the mouth-watering cuisine and the diversity of food that also represents its multiculturalism. Don’t be afraid to try street food! It is both delicious and hygienic and a great excuse to visit Chinatown. If you want to experience something different, the ethnic neighborhood “Little India” will be the right place to go. The colors speak for themselves. The entire place has this exquisite smell of spices. It is just an aromatic heaven. Get ready to exploit all your senses and have your camera prepared to take the most awesome pictures!

Keep the ‘explorerssaurus’ in you alive

However, if you are still not convinced (why should you trust a stranger’s advice?) we still have some other options for you.

The pastel-colored street, Keong Saik Road, really attracted our attention with its traditional colonnaded architecture. Coincidentally, we got a perfect match (just kidding, it was not that unpredictable, I persuaded Miguel to change clothes. And after 10 minutes arguing I convinced him to do it. And hell yeah, it was worth the effort!).

Time to spoil yourself

If you’re looking for a fancy place with a great view, Marina Bay Sands’ infinity pool is truly outstanding. Looks even better to the countless tourists who can’t resist the city’s most desirable rooftop.

But first, let me take a #selfie

You’ve probably seen images of one of Singapore’s significant landmarks, the mythical Merlion (definitely an hotspot for taking selfies). The body represents Singapore’s humble roots as a fishing village. Whereas its head represents Singapore’s original name, Singapura, or “lion city” in Malay. One thing we have to agree: this place is quite unique. What other place would even think of making a weird hybrid of a lion and fish its international symbol?

Oh look, it’s party o’clock

You will not be disappointed with this city during your daylight walking tour, but it will be at night that its charm will make you fall in love. Not only because of its vibrant nightlife but especially for their fascinating light shows. 

Don’t miss the Garden Rhapsody, the Supertree Grove light show where you’ll watch special lighting effects led by an inspiring orchestral soundtrack. The trees, besides serving as yet another iconic element of the park, also provide shade, absorb heat and collect rainwater, which will make you feel that you’re revisiting a thematic park of plants.

Don’t forget to experience the magic of Spectra. This music, water and light show is displayed over the bay at the Plaza Event. It’s powered by advanced lasers, fountain jets and visual projectors. The cherry on the cake being that these shows are free!!! The bay itself also works as a giant reflecting pool for the huge buildings of the Central Business District, a great place to take reflection pictures that will turn your world upside down.

The drone is watching you

Another important thing that we found out about Singapore was that apparently it has strong magnetic field interactions. Long story short, I was posing like a Victoria Secret’s model in our pool at 

the hotel when our drone couldn’t handle with so much sexiness (this is my theory but Miguel thinks it has a physical explanation behind it) and it just flew away from us. Yes, we lost it. And the worst part, we also lost my potential super awesome pictures… And after this episode we were also informed that drones are ILLEGAL in Singapore, so if you don’t want to get arrested in southeast Asia you definitely should avoid using them.

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