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Marrakech – The Love or Hate City

Even before we headed towards Marrakech, we were already a little bit apprehensive about what to expect in this place. The fact is that travelers either love or hate this city. Since Marrakech is all about taking you to the extremes, it’s difficult to have a different opinion.

Either you like or dislike the array of colors marked by its well-known culture, cuisine, markets and sights, this destination is becoming more and more popular. Are you still wondering if it’s worth a visit or not? Grab a beer, make yourself comfortable and read on, we hope to clarify you!

The city that never sleeps

If you dream about peaceful and calm cities, this is not what you’re looking for. The city is crowded, chaotic and noisy. Who says that New York never sleeps probably has never been in Marrakech. However, if you’re looking for a lively town we couldn’t recommend it more! The city is intense and sometimes even stressful, but also a fascinating and exciting place to be in. It doesn’t matter if it’s midnight, early morning or afternoon… you will always find dozens of people on the streets, in the open markets, 24h stores and cafés.

Stuck in the labyrinth 

If you’re that type of traveller who enjoys getting lost while exploring… MATCH FOUND! You can spend hours wandering through the medinas, turning right and left, going back and forth. The old streets may look kind of familiar but you’ll always find different restaurants, shops and markets. Never have we felt completely okay with getting lost as we did in the meandering alleyways of Marrakech. Except when we were trying to catch our flight back home… it sucked being completely confused and trapped in that maze. Thanks Google Maps for being totally useless when we needed you!

Shopping time

If you hate shopping don’t bring your girlfriend. Moroccan markets are heaven for all the girls out there. For sure they will lose some time choosing that leather purse they don’t need or bartering over the beautiful handmade rug for the house they don’t have yet.

The buildings speak for themselves 

If you’re a history or an architecture lover you’ll be delighted with this colorful imperial city built by the Berber empire. It’s the perfect gateway to experience a mix of the European, Middle Eastern and African culture. What sets Morocco’s architecture apart is not only its exceptional blend of different design elements but also the unique features of each of its traditional buildings. Prepared to me amazed by beautiful mosques, cute riads, chaotic souks, unique kasbahs and gorgeous palaces and medersas. They all have different purposes and very peculiar architectural designs.

All our knowledge begins with the senses

If you like adrenaline, be brave and try street food. The risk of waking up with gastroenteritis is worth it! We are kidding, traditional gastronomy is really tasty however, the hygienic conditions are not the best… If you have a sensitive stomach it’s best to go to one of the many rooftop restaurants and try couscous or tagine. Mint tea is also a requisite to go local.

If you’re a fan of fragrances, Marrakech will surprise you with a bouquet of aromas. However, nothing can prepare you for the excessive attack on your sense of smell: spices, leather, jasmine, mint… better than Chanel they say!

Sunny weather

If you’re not a winter person this city will warm both your heart and body. Marrakech owns the privilege of having almost all year-round sunshine. Though do take care because in summer you may bake outside.

Marrakech made us feel out of our comfort zone, as if we were truly somewhere new and special, but totally plunged into a different world. Did we love everything about this city? Hell no! But we’re sure we made memories that will transcend any postcard.

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