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Nusa Penida – A Hidden Paradise

           Just around forty minutes boat ride from the port of Sanur you can escape to one of the least touristy, the yet unspoiled island and, by our experience, the most beautiful one. Without any doubt, Nusa Penida has become the highlight of our holidays in Bali.

Island vibes

            There are no luxury resorts here, so be ready to experience the true island life (even if this means you will wake up in the middle of the night with a mouse sharing the bed with you. First threesome in our lives and we completely understand why they say two is better than three!). Anyway, you can also come across hundreds of ants on top of your favorite bikini… But if you are travelling with a brave man (or anyone else who is less sissy than me) this is not going to be a problem! Plus you will be collecting plenty of fun stories to tell your kids one day later. 

A short but an awesome visit

            While most people go on a day trip, we wanted to make the most of it and take our time exploring the untouched coastline of Nusa Penida. Saying that, we recommend you to stay at least two to three days in this remote paradise.

The road to success is always under construction

            Renting a motorbike is a most in this island. You will save time and money, moreover you will be able to see much more places. Although, be aware that the road can be very rough, challenging and in some cases none-existing. The best thing to do is select maximum four places to go per day. Also ensure you choose them in the same area of the island since driving there can take some time.

            Seems like almost everyone who explores this island gets lost at least once. We had been cursed as well, but it’s also part of the adventure! We advise downloading an offline Google Maps and saving previously your destinations so you can be sure you’re heading in the right direction.

What to do and see

            So now take a sit and prepared to be amazed by the pristine temples, small villages, breathtaking cliffs formations and lagoons and tons of happy kids who will compete with their friends to see who will give you the strongest “high five” as your motorcycle past…

Cristal Bay

            We start our journey at Cristal Bay. A stunning white sand beach, with clear waters and a great place for having a picnic beneath the palm trees. A truly idyllic spot you’re likely to have it just for yourself.

Kelingling Beach

            Then we went to one of those places that is hard to believe it’s real when you see it for the first time, of course we are talking about Kelingking Beach. I think as we got to the cliff our reaction was like HOLY F*CK! It’s just a photographer delight and an awesome “instagramable” spot that thankfully is still not discovered by mass tourism.

       Admiring the view from the top and taking endless pictures is already a fantastic experience: astonishing white sand contrasting with the turquoise blue waters and the green piece of land with a dinosaur shape. But going down the beach it’s just… just the best decision we could have taken. And for sure will make you understand why is not busy at all down there.

            In first place, you can’t be afraid of heights. But Miguel is. In second place, you can’t be lazy since it’s physically demanding. But I am. Together we were a couple of cheerleaders encouraging the other to conquer any obstacle. The track is extremely steep, strenuous and slippery, besides you have to think twice when you’re planning your trip because the hike will take you at least half an hour to reach the beach. We were super tired and just wanted to dive and refresh ourselves but the waves were insanely huge and powerful.

Broken Beach and Angels Billabong

            Forty-five minutes far from this place you will find Broken Beach. It was once a large cave that collapse to reveal the blue Indian Ocean beneath and it also has stunning views from the cliff top. However to get to here is a pain in the ass (literally), get ready for a bumpy ride that will leave you sore for a couple of days!

            Nearby you can dip in and enjoy the clearest water you’ve ever swum in. The magnificent natural swimming pool- Angels Billabong.

Saren Cliff Point

            Another gorgeous place that got our attention was Saren Cliff Point. One of the most romantic places to see in Nusa Penida and where you can enjoy a relaxed swing ride.

Peguyangan Waterfall

            The Peguyangan Waterfall was on our way so we thought we should drop in for a look. If you’re not acrophobic, we challenge you to go down 150-meter iron blue stairs that will lead you to a temple and a small waterfall. Actually we were a little bit disappointed when we arrived there, the views from the hike are way more impressive and made as create false expectations about our final destination.

Teletubbies Hills

            If you want to explore the interior of the island you should stop at the Teletubbies Hills. Yup, they look like those of the children’s cartoon and you can trek up into the hills and have a privilege view of the emerald green terraces.

Atuh Beach

            If you plan to go to the south-eastern coast of the island and you’re up for a bit more of exercise, climb down the steps that will lead you to Atuh Beach. This beach is surrounded by remarkable rock formations and an arch sits directly from the shore, the view just speaks for itself!

   The island is quickly getting popular among travelers and no wonder with so countless amazing places with such natural beauty that just make us feel lucky to be able to witness so many earth’s creations.

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