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14 Travel Essentials Items

These are the travel essentials we can’t travel without and we don’t think you should either!

1- Converters + chargers + cables

It’s impossible to travel the world without having a power adapter for your electronic gadgets. This is one of the most important travel essentials in our bag. We’ve tried a couple of them, but for us, the most reliable we found is the WORLD ADAPTER from LAUT. Due to its compact design, it’s portable besides it features multiple USB ports, allowing us to charge multiple devices at a time. Since we always travel with a lot of electronic devices (phones, tablets…) we also think having QUINNT-X2 USB CHARGER is a most, cause it allows you to charge up to 5 devices simultaneously in high-speed charging!

Miguel was always complaining that I used to steal his cables, so we also got the LINK METALLICS cables. They come in several colors, so now it’s easy to know which ones are mine! The cables have 1.2 metres long, so you are able to freely use your phone while giving it a full power recharge!

travel essentials

2 – Power Bank

When we travel we like to explore every corner and save all those beautiful places to later remember. 

Probably we were taking too many pictures, cause our phones used to die after a couple of hours. But after we started to use our HAMA powerbank Joy 20000 mAh, we almost have no limitations on our phone batteries.

 Yes, your bag will be a little bit heavier, but it’s totally worth the extra weight!

3 – Drone

Lately we are being discouraged from traveling with our drone, since there are many places where it’s illegal to fly them.

Of course you could travel without having a drone, we did it for a long time… But after being used to get a completely unique point of view of the places we have been, we can’t let go of it. So first recommendation to get your awesome photos is to get informed about the local drone laws before you head to your final destination.

We used to have a DJI Spark for being light and portable but we decided to upgrade to the new DJI Mavic Air, the image quality is totally different from what you can achieve with the little Spark.

4 – Zip cubes

Since we start to use them we feel we can pack more stuff and everything is organized. Zip cubes are crucial to separate clean from dirty clothes or even dry from wet items. The ones we use are from Nomatic.

travel essentials

5- Camera

Most of you already know that taking photos is a big part of our lives. Therefore, it’s essential to bring a reliable camera in all our trips. We have two cameras a Canon 750D and a Sony a7 iii.

Additionally, we also recommend you to have an action camera. They are tiny and portable and they are a gift of heaven: even if you take them to dive, to jump from cliffs, to the desert or to the snow, they will resist almost everything! These travel essentials won’t let loose any extreme condition footage. The one we use is the GoPro Hero 6.

Another travel essencial to stabilize all our videos footage and make them look smooth is the GoPro Camera Grip. This amazing piece of equipment stabilizes all of the footage for our videos. We can literally ride a bike or go on a bumpy tuck tuck ride and the footage will be super smooth.

6- Bluetooth speakers

Our trips are way more fun since we bring with us our Bluetooth speakers. Why be moody when you can shake your booty? This will make you dance all the time and your trip will be remembered for the good vibes.

The ones we use were tailored for travelers! The Ultimate Ears Wonderboom Waterproof Speakers are completely waterproof and they even float, which make them perfect for showers, pools, beaches, muddy fields or rainy days! One of the most fun travel essentials!

travel essentials

7- A reliable Backpack or Suitcase

Whether you’re backpacking or just traveling during the weekend, you will need to have some sort of luggage. This one of the most important travel essentials.

For the backpackers lovers, we highly recommend Nomatic luggages. They have a lot of pockets so you can organize all your stuff.

If you prefer a stroller, the best option to use is Biaggi luggages. Once you unpack you can fold them and they will be just as tiny as a hand purse.

8- Quick Dry Towels

We couldn’t imagine our trips without having at least one of those. They always come in handy when we go out to explore waterfalls, or when we find some beautiful lagoon or hidden beach.

These towels fold up small, they are also super light and they dry within one hour. We bought ours in IKEA.

9- Travel Pillow

My favorite travel pillow is actually Miguel’s chest! However, we always need to have one travel pillow for him, cause he has suffered from having a stiff neck several times. It’s definitely a saver, especially for long flights with low cost companies!

10- Reusable Water Bottle

We should all try to reduce our plastic usage as much as possible. One of the easiest steps to do this is by using a reusable water bottle. Not only you will help saving the environment by using one of these, but you will also save money you would spend unnecessarily buying bottled water. We highly recommend Healthish bottles cause they have indicators to help keep track of your daily water intake. We’ve never had a problem with tap water, but be careful if you are traveling to remote areas where tap water may not be safe to drink.

travel essentials

 11- Ear Plugs

Probably the smallest item we travel with and one of the most important to us. They are an absolutely must have when you are trying to fall asleep while you are flying, or to watch some movie inside your hostel room.

We are big fans of Apple Airpods, we know they’re a little bit expensive but it’s totally worth the money!

12- First aid kit

Being sick while traveling is already bad. So imagine getting sick and having no medication! That’s really the worst that can happen! We always take with us paracetamol (a weak analgesic and anti pyretic), ibuprofeno (anti-inflamatory), loperamide (for gastric issues),  cough drops and anti-histaminics (for any kind of allergic reaction). It’s also a travel essentials essential to pack some band-aids in case you get injured.

13- Mosquito repellent and Sunscreen.

Specially if you are traveling to the country side or to tropical places, bug spray will be vital. This was one of travel essentials that help as the most when we visited Indonesia. The worst feeling in the world is having itch all the time.

Don’t forget to use sun cream!   Not only helps protect against sunburn, as diligent use of sunscreen can also slow the development of wrinkles and sagging skin.

14- Sunglasses

Sunglasses are an absolute travel essentials while traveling. Whether you use them to protect your eyes from the sun’s glare or to look stylish, it doesn’t matter… It’s a win-win situation! Plus, they also work pretty well to hide the fact you drank too much on that night at the beach club!

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